It pisses me off that we cannot share this planet with the thousands of species that inhabit it alongside us, most of which were here first. It pisses me off that our greed alone has driven thousands of species to extinction. I’m pissed that I’ll never see a Pinta Island Tortoise, Rabb’s Fringed-Limbed Treefrog or Yangtze River Dolphin. I’m pissed that the Amazon Rainforest, the LUNGS of our planet, the place that provides us with nearly a quarter of the oxygen we breathe, a place that holds the medicinal breakthroughs to cure thousands of diseases, more biodiversity than anywhere else on land is simply being slashed and burned away. That in ten years we could lose elephants- ELEPHANTS- the largest animals on land, because we cannot control our greed. Elephants, rhinos, birds, whales, sharks, turtles, amphibians, fish– they are disappearing. They’re all disappearing. We’re currently in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event the Earth has ever seen. The last one? The Cretaceous extinction that took the dinosaurs. This time, it’s not an astroid- it’s US. This is the Anthropocene. Species are going extinct at a rate 1,000x faster than the natural rate of extinction. We are killing our planet, and I am pissed. Aren’t you?