In my spare time, I look for literally ANY opportunity to get involved with conservation projects in my area. I do tons educational outreach with my animals, interacting with and educating the public about reptiles and other amazing animals we share our world with. Aside from education, I have also worked in the field conducting research on various species of sea turtles, seals, whales, sharks, freshwater turtles, frogs, and snakes. I am a strong advocate for speaking to the public about climate change and do so every chance I get.


I do what I do because it’s my mission. I wake up, take a breath, open my eyes, and it’s there. It’s always there. It’s almost like I can’t escape it. It’s there in everything I do and every thought I think. Sometimes it holds me back from living a certain kind of life, because I’ve come to terms with the fact that I was born on this planet at this time when it needs us now more than ever to save it.

One of the things that often tends to hit people right in the face when they meet me is my steely determination and stubborn reluctance to ever let go of my dreams, because they’re more than just dreams. My life looks like a big huge adventure but much of it is anything but. I’m not always “living the dream” but I’m always living my mission. 

At the core of who I am is a personal mission that cannot afford to be personal any longer- it has to be a shared one. I am determined to do whatever I can with this life I’ve got, while getting my messages out others. I hope to reach my fellow warriors in a positive, empowering and hopeful way that will give them the tools to spread the word so that we can assemble an entire generation of people who love, appreciate and aspire to protect the incredible creatures we share our world with.